The Natura 2000 Network: "Spaces saving species saving species spaces"

cabra guadarrama

Many natural areas of the peninsula survival peek through consolidation or recovery of traditional activities are also contributing to the salvation of some indigenous breeds.

Some of the most valuable ecosystems peninsular , as the pastures , meadows , rice fields or numerous lakes and reservoirs are so deeply - man operated its conservation depends precisely that man keep doing what they have traditionally done for centuries .

That is the aim of the Natura 2000 network , the main instrument for the conservation of the European Union, a group of nearly 26,000 spaces to be protected to ensure the long term survival of the species and the most valuable habitats in Europe .

In recent years , the efforts of some professional and conservation organizations are enabling retrieve eg indigenous livestock breeds that are ensuring the quality of many of these habitats .


Historical, cultural and environmental arguments strictly reasons justify the work to recover cacereña races as white cow , black merino sheep or goat Guadarrama, the latter listed as " endangered " but has returned to " colonize " many spaces of the peninsular center .

Autochthonous livestock in the Natura 2000 Network

In the suburb of Villa del Prado is located one of the largest cabins of this goat breed , on Encinares Alberche River and COFI River, a valuable space for the Natura 2000 network noted for its good state of preservation , to despite the proximity to Madrid ( only 80 miles ) and home of some species of flora and most emblematic of the Iberian fauna.

There, five hundred goats Guadarrama, a native species which has only survived in central highlands , pasta daily and their presence ensures the preservation of the place.

Its owner , the farmer Juan Antonio Martín del Pozo, a EFEverde stressed that these traditional activities are " fundamental " to the environment because they contribute to the mountain is cleaner and better care , and cited this as an example of economic activity traditional and profitable " perfectly compatible" with conservation.

Martín del Pozo chairs the Goat Breeders Association of Guadarrama , an organization that for twenty years working to ensure the preservation of the breed and ensure its expansion and is promoting many farmers modernize and adapt their operations to the ever more demanding sanitary conditions.

This is also very rustic animals that are contributing to monetize remote areas that are not usable for other livestock .

Paloma Veterinary Díez de Tejada has been observed that an animal is endangered and listed within breeds of "safe " by the Ministry of Agriculture and Environment, and explained that after the decline experienced by the census in recent years , currently has stabilized around 8,000 copies .

Speaking to EFE, Díez de Tejada has welcomed the addition of the exploitation of young livestock such people, which she said is a " very encouraging " sign following the trend of recent years of selling entire herds or bet for other races .

One of the best preserved sites in the Natura 2000 Network

The activity of this cabin is happening on one of the best preserved in Spain Natura 2000 sites, Encinares Alberche River and COFI River, classified as a Site of Community Importance (SCI ) and as a Special Protection Area for Birds (SPA ) , the two figures under the Natura 2000 network .

A living space in some of the most emblematic species of the Iberian Peninsula , as the imperial eagle or vulture , a large green stain that spans the communities of Madrid, Castilla -La Mancha and Castilla y León , a space copy of the Natura 2000 network to understand how long-term species and habitats may depend on more traditional activities survival. EFEverde

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