[News 02/27/2014] FIO: the best showcase of nature tourism in Spain

TURISMO ORNITOLÓGICO Imagen de archivo de un aficionado a la ornitología observando aves en España. Foto: EFE/Raúl Casado

The International Birdwatching Fair (FIO), consolidated as one of the best showcases of nature tourism in Spain, opens tomorrow its facilities in the district of Villarreal de San Carlos in Cáceres, in the heart of the National Park Monfragüe.

The FIO has established itself as a benchmark in the ornithological tourism in southern Europe, and as the best complement to the prestigious British Birdwatching Fair which is held every summer in the UK.

This is a unique show, with a very different from other events held in Spain format because their facilities are spread over the streets of this little hamlet , for tents set on the natural environment itself, and especially the number of workshops and observation points installed throughout the park to facilitate bird watching .

Virtually all government ( central government , state government and many municipalities ) are present at this fair , aware of the tourism potential of birds in Spain , where you can watch more than five hundred different species.

In fact, thirty percent of the Spanish surface belongs to important for the conservation of bird areas (IBA , its acronym in English ), and many of the places where you can see the birds you are Sites of Community Importance (SCI ) and Special Protection Areas for Birds ( SPAs ) , figures of protection under the Natura 2000 network .

Among the new edition which opens tomorrow highlights the " enterprise space " and " bag procurement" for contacting a specialized tour operators from 27 countries , including representatives from the U.S., Japan , China and South Africa , with to the Fair itself is niche business opportunities.

The poster for the 2014 FIO itself is a " wink " to the internationalization of the event and the Dual Year Spain - Japan , as shown in a typical Japanese print , a pair of magpies , a small bird that lives only in some parts of Asia and the Iberian peninsula.

It is estimated that nature tourism is growing between 15% and 20% per year and the annual income generated in Spain over 2,000 million euros, according to the World Tourism Organization ( WTO) .

Raúl Casado / Madrid February 27, 2014
TOURISM ORNITHOLOGICAL Stock image of an amateur ornithology birdwatching in Spain . Photo: EFE / Raúl Casado

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