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The classic Spanish tourism offer of sun and beach is a perfect complement , birds , and all public authorities and hundreds of companies are leveraging its tourism potential and the fact that the peninsula is a unique place to see unique species in the world .

To give value to these natural resources and promote destinations and connected with nature and ornithology today opened its facilities the International Birdwatching Fair (FIO ) , an event that brings together hundreds of exhibitors on the natural landscape of the National Park products Monfragüe , considered one of the world " Mecca " for birding .
In the Natura 2000 network Natura2000

The fair , the largest of its kind in Southern Europe , this naturally brings space also listed as a Special Protection Area for birds within the Natura 2000 European network - public institutions , specialized nature tourism businesses and organizations conservationists.

It also combines the business and recreational aspects , since during the three days the event lasts dozens of technical conferences , workshops ( banding or observation ) , guided tours and a photo contest ( FotoFIO ) that have participated are made more thousand people.
A booming sector

In the opening ceremony of the FIO , the Minister of Works, Housing, Planning and Tourism Extremadura, Víctor del Moral , said that nature tourism is " a dynamic and growing sector," and stressed the importance to exploit natural resources and link conservation with economic development .

Del Moral announced in this sense that to give a new impetus to Montfrague National Park , which receives about 3000.000 visits per year - will be put up and allow routes with electric vehicles and bikes, and will allow navigation purposes interpretation in some sections of the Tagus river in the Park .

Mayor Serradilla -locality belonging to the district of Villarreal de San Carlos, Gelasius Sánchez , has referred to the various figures Monfragüe protection ( National Park, Biosphere Reserve and Special Area of ​​Conservation for Birds in Natura 2000) Red , and has claimed some figure " also protects people " living in the park and its surroundings .

In his view, the expectations of tourism and employment generated have not been met , and has claimed to boost the tourist attractions of the area and promote job creation , that allow navigation on the river.

A fair outside standards

The FIO has a very different from other trade fairs held in Spain , especially because its facilities are scattered around the streets of this little hamlet , for tents set on the natural environment itself, and the amount and format of workshops observation points have been installed along the National Park to facilitate the sighting of birds.

Among the new edition has been launched today highlights the "Space Enterprise " and " bag procurement" for contacting a specialized tour operators from 27 countries , including representatives from the U.S., Japan , China and South Africa in order that the Fair itself is niche business opportunities.
Streamline foreign tourism

According to data provided in the opening, international tour operators present at the fair have closed nearly 350 meetings with Spanish companies specializing in ornithological destinations to bring foreign tourists.

Spain is the European country with the highest biodiversity thirty percent of the area belongs to important for the conservation of bird areas (IBA , its acronym in English ), and many of the places where you can see these birds there are places of Community Importance (SCI) and Special Protection Areas for Birds ( SPAs ) , figures of protection under the Natura 2000 network .

The Natura 2000 Network of Spain (2014 ) , consists of :

1448 Sites of Community Importance (SCI ) .

-598 Special Protection Areas for Birds ( SPAs ) .

Comprising 27% of the Spanish territory , 137,000 square kilometers of land area and 10,000 kilometers of marine area .


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Spreading the meaning and values ​​of the Natura 2000 network is the objective of LIFE + "Infonatur 2000" project, funded by the LIFE financial instrument of EU and coordinated by the Junta de Extremadura, and in which the Council of Lerida involved, the Board Tourism Girona-Costa Brava and Reuters.

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