Natura network workshops reach over one hundred schools in Extremadura

talleres escolaresOver one hundred schools in Extremadura have put on educational workshops about the Natura 2000 network. The initiative aims to educate the young population about the importance of the group of protected areas belonging to the network.

The educational workshops have been implemented thanks to the European LIFE+ project “Infonatur 2000”: an information and communications initiative financed by the EU to raise awareness of the Natura 2000 network, with additional participation from partners including the Regional Government of Extremadura, Lérida provincial government, the Costa Brava tourism board, and EFE news agency.

The initiative is one of many implemented over the last three years, aiming to promote the importance of the Natura 2000 network and teach children to value the areas the network covers, and the benefits and services nature offers.

The workshops have been rolled out over the last six months, starting at the Navalvillar de Pela Secondary Education Centre (Badajoz) and ending next Wednesday at Los Alijares Grouped Rural School, in Robledillo de Trujillo (Cáceres).

The workshops, given in the style of storytelling or readings depending on the age range of the children, both highlight the importance of the Natura 2000 network and educate children about the critical role people play in conserving the areas.

Playing a key role as storyteller in the workshops, the actress Laura Moreira has toured around Extremadura, describing the reception she’s had from schoolchildren as “brilliant and warm-hearted”, adding that in order to raise awareness of the project they must be “methodical and constant”.


Coming to the end of another workshop in Valdecaballeros, Badajoz, Laura Moreira said; “we try to instil a love for nature, the environment, people, animals and plants”.  

She added that the workshops in schools close to Special Conservation Areas and Special Protection Areas for Birds (categories of protected area in the Natura 2000 European network) had been a particular highlight.

“The students all love the countryside, but they're not aware of all the things adults have done to damage and destroy it”, said Laura Moreira, going on to add that the programme should be repeated for adults.

In Vadecaballeros, head of Miguel Ordóñez Maestro state school Fernando Luengo praised the initiative and the fact that the activities had been organised for school children to teach them about the Natura 2000 network.

He applauded the way workshops had been put on mostly in rural areas, saying “because everything is so close, we can sometimes take it for granted”.
It helps children and young people appreciate the spaces they live in and become aware of the need to conserve the most damaged areas.

“The children know the countryside well, but they don’t always treat it well” said the state school head to EFE, saying he was convinced that these activities will help young people be aware of what they need to do to conserve the environment, and realise just how lucky they are.




Spread the meaning and values ​​of the Natura 2000 network is the objective of LIFE + " Infonatur 2000 " project , cofinanced by the LIFE financial instrument of EU and coordinated by the Government of Extremadura , and in which the Council of Lerida involved , the Board Tourism Girona- Costa Brava and Agencia.

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