Joaquín Araújo about Natura 2000 Network: "The current crisis is timely to remember of the foregoing"

Joaquín Araújo, naturalista, divulgador ambiental, periodista, escritor, agricultor y ganadero. FOTO: Raúl Casado/EFE

Madrid, March 19 ( EFEverde ) - . The current economic and employment crisis has led to a high cost of living that threatens many lifestyles, but it is particularly timely to look back and remember "the foregoing" .

Reflection is Joaquín Araújo , journalist, writer , producer , writer , farmer , rancher or forester , but mostly naturalist, and one of the most important environmental popularizers of Spain .

Araújo for EFEverde reflects the importance of the Natura 2000 network , a set of spaces totaling thirty percent of the territory, even larger community of Extremadura , where he lives and works on a farm in Villuercas (Cáceres).

Spreading the meaning and values ​​of the Natura 2000 network is the goal of Life + " Infonatur 2000 " project, a project funded by the European Union to coordinate the Junta de Extremadura, and in which the council of Lleida and the Tourist participate Girona- Costa Brava , in addition to EFE.


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